Halloween in New Orleans!

October 1 2015 | Tour Blog

Halloween is big in New Orleans! Many homes have already put their decorations out, and we can see the graveyards barely above the ground and some skeletons are trying to exit from the graveyard. Every time I do a tour I hear the rattling noise asking me to help them to surface above the ground.

The visiting revelers will come in big draws in their costumes to outdo the native New Orleanians but they will not succeed. They will meet in clubs and bars and will listen to music and have intimate gatherings and will drink and smoke (killing the environment but who cares).  By the end of the day the smell coming out of their mouth is so polluted like the old chimneys of the industrial revolution. But they will have had a great experience!  

This festive celebration is sure to live up to our city's fun reputation.